CEO BECOMES STORE OWNER…now that’s belief in the system!

CEO-turned- store owner Greg Heath displays loyalty and confidence in the franchise group and brand he helped shape.

There is nothing outstanding about Total Tools Thebarton when you compare it to the other 35 stores in the franchise family, and that’s exactly the way owner Greg Heath likes it.
Although the two-year old suburban store is Adelaide’s biggest professional tools retailer boasting more than 6,000 lines, spread across a massive floor space of 2000+ sqm., its owner prefers to play down the superlatives, while eager to point out that all Total Tools outlets carry an equally substantial range, as that is the main draw card for the group’s loyal customers.
‘It’s like buying a burger from McDonald’s. You know exactly what you’re getting because the quality of the products is consistent throughout the entire chain of restaurants. Similarly, a Total Tools customer visitng from another state walking into our store will immediately find our store environment familiar. He would then be confident of getting the same quality products and services synonymous with the Total Tools name.’

The Crossover

Greg’s resolute endorsement of the corporate brand and his ‘big picture’ take on all things store-related may very well stem from his previous vocation, as CEO of Total Tools.

Subsequent to his five-year corporate tenure, the 44 year old crossed over the fence in May 2011, to ‘walk the talk’ as a store owner.

“I chose to leave that role and do what many managers of our franchise do, that is to take on a store myself. That showed belief in the franchise model and goals in the group to transition from the management team of the franchisor to becoming a franchisee.”

The badge change came as a result of Greg wanting to pursue a balanced lifestyle as a self-employed businessman and to focus on the improvement and delivery of his own operations, as opposed to those of the group as a whole.

For all his former contributions to the group, Greg says that shedding his CEO role to take up the gauntlet as a retailer has been a satisfying experience. Nothing that Total Tools has earned a reputation within the supply network as being the most professional outfit in the business. Greg concludes: “I am happy to have been one of many people who influenced the group’s successful development, and today I’m also among the grateful franchisees that benefit from the excellent support that we continue to receive from them”.