How I became part of the most successful Tool Retailer in Australia

Craig McDonald

Total Tools Epping Franchisee, Craig McDonald, gives us an insight about how he came to become a Franchisee,  how he made the transition from supplier to business owner and his experience so far as part of Total Tools network of Franchisees:

“I had worked within the industry for over 25 years, having spent almost 20 years with a major supplier to the group in Sutton Tools servicing the Total Tools account. Following a serious medical condition encountered in 2003 and at the cross roads, my wife Jackie and I questioned our direction and after a great deal of consideration, we decided that we had always harboured a desire to run our own business.

It’s funny how things pan out and you would think that having previously established a rival buying group within the industry that we would have chosen to go down this track. However when weighing up all the options, there was only one logical path and that was to join Total Tools. It was not a decision taken lightly and the process a long one when compared to what’s on offer today, however it was blatantly obvious that the Total Tools Group had the overall package, the disciplines, industry credibility, the relationships and camaraderie. Equally as important, even then in its original raw form, they had the “Recipe” for a successful franchise opportunity.

 The decision was a logical, yet daunting one and in August 2005 we opened the first “Model Store” for the Total Tools Group. The benefits were all there: Consolidated Purchasing, Competitive Trading Terms, Core Ranging, the Marketing Program and our own

Private Brand Program. The recipe had been formalised over a period of 16 years of hardship, experience and learnings, however this pales in comparison to the refinement of the franchise model,  the recipe and the level of support as it stands today.

I know it sounds like a bit of the old “back in my day” and it is, all that was left for us to do was to put it all on the line, follow the recipe and ultimately “Bake the Cake”. We’re now nine years down the track and have seen the opportunity blossom and grow into the country’s most successful Specialist Tool Retailer.”

 Craig McDonald, Total Tools Epping Franchisee