Tradies look for a new career direction as physical work impacts on their daily lives

Once 10 to 15 years of non-stop working in the Building Industry goes by, tradies start to feel the physical impact.
Surely they have earned great money, been able to build their wealth and progress nicely. Their lifestyles are great and speak for themselves. There is nothing to complain about, it’s been a pretty good run and promises to continue that way. However, being through the physical work for so many years has started taking a toll. By this time they have built a comfortable lifestyle for them and their families with a lot of hard work and effort.
So what’s the next step going to be starts playing up in their mind. How can they continue to grow their wealth as they also maintain their lifestyles? It becomes a crossroad difficult to cross.

With hopefully one or a couple of properties under their sleeves and some mortgages to respond to, kids to maintain and a stack of expenses to pay, the question is what can they do to continue using their skills as well as doing what they’re passionate about without getting their health, families and future back lashed by it?

We receive many franchise enquires every month of tradies that are looking at Total Tools as a way to find a new direction into their future.

However hard taking a decision can be, it could also be a ‘blessing in disguise’. Today Total Tools is a powerhouse in the growth path, No1 Tool Retailer in Australia with a solid brand and business model.
Could this be the best thing that ever happened to you?

Today Paul Wilson, Franchisee at Total Tools Warners Bay, tells us his story. I thought it would be good to share. Not only because it’s inspiring but also because it might inspire other tradies that shares similar stories to make the decision to embrace the next step.

This is Paul’s story:

“My original trade was plumbing; I worked for my father which was a terrific breeding ground for hard work and discipline.

The work was very physical and as I was the youngest there I would get all the hard jobs, whilst young this doesn’t pose such a problem but as time passes it starts to take its toll.

Many times doing jobs we would do what is required to get things done, this quite often involved practices that weren’t particularly safe or sensible, but it got the job done.

I spent a dozen years with my father before starting my own business. Like anyone starting a new business you put an enormous amount of time and effort in, a young family and mortgage are all the motivation you need to push yourself to work harder and longer.

It would have been a few years into working for myself  that I noticed my body didn’t recover each day the way it once did. Old habits took their toll and work practices that once seemed fine began to leave their lasting mark.

After building some houses for myself I decided I enjoyed the building process from beginning right through to completion. So I went and attained my builders license and began primarily with “spec” homes before building homes for others.

Whilst I enjoyed both businesses I found as time went on, I needed another challenge that was related to building but would provide relief from both the elements and the rigors of the physical work building and plumbing required daily.

Around this time as I started to look for something new, I noticed the new Total Tools in Latrobe St, Ballarat. I had spoken about new opportunities and looking for a new direction with my wife, Tricia. With her support we looked into the Total Tools business, spoke with the owner and met with the Franchise Manager.

After further discussions and research we agreed that a Total Tools franchise was the right way to go. We had reached a crossroad in our lives and Total Tools presented an opportunity to remain connected to the building industry that I enjoyed.

We progressed through training at the Ballarat store, and it was at this time while interacting with customers and seeing life from the other side of the counter I really enjoyed the banter and challenges that a business such as Total Tools throws up on a daily basis.

I felt I connected with the tradies coming in and they appreciated someone who had hands on experience. It gave me confidence that I had made the right choice and that Total Tools was a good fit.

Anyone thinking about a change of direction and looking for a huge challenge will appreciate all that Total Tools involve; it’s a lot of hard work, but very rewarding. Other franchise owners are a great source of knowledge and are never shy in giving advice.

They go out of their way to help us new franchises navigate their way through set-up and opening. If prospective franchises are concerned of being left on their own once open, they need not worry. Support Office is driving the business forward with marketing, advertising and online support.

Each day is a new challenge, watching the business grow, but as time moves on it becomes easier as the business finds its feet and position in the market. The interaction with insiders becomes more than simply a transaction as they look for what Total Tools offers, experience, knowledge, a wide range of stock and the ability to deal with staff members that know what they need.”

Total Tools Warners Bay
Total Tools Warners Bay

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