Female Franchisees at Total Tools

Maria Scarinci (Franchise Recruitment Supervisor) and Lily Taylor (Franchisee Total Tools Mitcham , VIC)

We are so excited to see our female franchise community grow. Who would have thought that an industry mainly dominated by men would be getting more women involved every day?

It shows how capable women are and that we are able to manage any kind of business, it does not have to be ‘beauty products’, we can also own and manage a tool store.

This is Lily Taylor, our Franchisee at Total Tools Mitcham since May 2015. I believe Lily has great advice and an exciting story to share that hopefully will allow other women to not be limited by stereotypes.

Many women are paving the way for others to get on the franchising world. Women are amazing executers and collaborators. Total Tools supports the involvement of women in the business and we are looking forward to seeing this number increase…and maybe one day women will outnumber men?

  • What inspired you to become a Total Tools franchisee?  

As a Family we were looking for a business that “Ticked all of the Boxes” and Total Tools has certainly done that for us. The process that I went through including the initial meetings, “Discovery Day”, Franchisee Conferences and Site Selection, certainly gave me all the relevant information and tools to ensure that our business would be a success. The systems and processes that I undertook in my training program provided me the best opportunity for success entering an Industry that I had little experience in.

  • How believing in yourself can make you succeed beyond any other people’s opinions?

 It is really important to truly believe in what you are doing. Attitude is the most important part of being successful. To quote Winston Churchill “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” If you believe in yourself, others will also believe in you. I have been extremely lucky to have a family that has supported me in this new role and business venture. My husband, has been my strongest supporter as have my two children that both work in the business on a part time basis, which means my whole family continually provides me with encouragement to always strive to achieve my goals.

Women possess skills that allow them to be great organisers, have the ability to multi-task, can prioritise, and have an eye for detail, all of which are a perfect match for operating a franchise. Women often have the ability to think quickly and adapt when necessary at home or work. These are definite strengths required when running your own business.

I have also tried to surround myself with experienced and passionate staff, and the benefits of this are apparent. You create a team of people who understand the business needs and are involved in the day to day running of your business. They feel valued as they provide input, and this in turn increases productivity overall.

Communication and networking skills are other traits that most women can bring to their business, and are so important in today’s business world.

Women definitely do have a different perspective when it comes to business – this is great because it means women are able to look at situations differently and work toward solutions in ways that perhaps would not have been thought of in the work environment.

  • How getting out of your ‘comfort zone’ and daring can pay remarkable dividends in life.

Initially, many of the long standing male Franchisees were not sure what to expect from a female coming into their industry. I now know that they are extremely supportive and encouraging, as they now know that “I’m not really that scary at all”.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be quite confronting. If you don’t take up the challenge to try something different, you will never know what you are truly capable of achieving. It is extremely confronting to walk away from all the things that make you comfortable in your working or home environment. I believe that the skill set you possess are transferable into any industry. I know this to be accurate, as I have been successful and worked in many industries; Finance, Medical, Education, and now Tools.

  •  What advice would you give women to not limit themselves by stereotypes such as “that’s something for men to do”?

It is becoming very clear that after 7 months of Operations, being a “Women” in what could be termed a “Blokes Environment” should pose no obstacles or limitations on a Women entering into the Total Tools Franchise system. This business model is based around having the right stock for your customer base, and continually making changes with your marketing and merchandising to ensure that you adapt to a continuing evolving market. It is also critical to have the right staff that understand the strong Culture that the Total Tools Group have developed over the last 26 years. So being a Women in my view brings a different perspective to a business that traditionally has been male dominated, but is all about Range of Products, Services and Customer Relationships.

  • Could you give 3-7 tips for women who would like to own a franchise?
  1. Ensure you complete your Due Diligence on whichever Business you are entering into
  2. Paying for the Right Advice from your Accountants and Lawyers is Critical
  3. Talk to other Franchisees about their experiences no matter which Franchise you are looking to enter into
  4. Become a Customer in the First Instance of the Franchise you are looking at and see if this suites your skill set
  5. See what the Other Competitors might have to Offer and how they behave towards Women who apply
  6. Do not for One Minute think that a Women does not have the Aptitude to Run a Trade Based or Male Dominated Business
  7. Ensure you have the Full support of your Family and the respect of your Staff regardless of Gender

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